Meet Devashish!

Devashish Tikekar, International Logistics Engineering, India, Class of 2010

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In His Own Words ...

I’m Devashish, (thats one of my several names, courtesy Jacobs) and I’m from Pune, India. I studied at Loyola High School grades 1-10. After that I spent two years studying science at Fergusson College, also in Pune. I came to study International Logistics at Jacobs in September last year, my freshman year. Getting into the groove of Jacobs life took a short while, but it's been a smooth ride till here. Sports, clubs and social life have played an excellent role in balancing out the academic load. You get to enjoy the best of both worlds at Jacobs.

The international environment in the bubble is what I love best. The unity in diversity and the enthusiasm with which the students participate in campus life is what I find thrilling to be a part of (the spazz-factor as well, of course)! I have to admit that I'm missing my friends and life there a lot. But at the moment I'm clocking 45 working hour weeks as an intern at Mercedes Benz in Pune, which makes the C,E,S-class cars, the consumables and the Boss my current best friends!

After Jacobs I’m going for Harvard Business School, so yeah, I sure got my work cut out for me!


Micheal did a great job with his camera and his patience with a teenager and his nose ;) Im very eager to see the results. I have to mention Mr. Wiegand here who pulled off a couple of brilliant stunt acts to ensure that some shots were not missed! :) The plan is to grab some popcorn, sodas and watch the show with friends and family here. It was a great experience and plus it’ll show what life’s like in Germany to them… it’s pretty different here in Pune!

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Anonymous said...

I am so proud of you! Keep it up devu, jaiguru Priya.